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DataGenerator is a testing tool that allows the user to model the behavior of a piece of software by employing specification and dependency modeling. Using templates, it enables the user to produce highly customizable and dynamically calculated test expectations, test data or test scripts to help verify software.

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herd manages your big data processing in the cloud. Data-driven enterprises rely on durable cloud storage and use data processing tools from a rapidly-evolving ecosystem. But then you need to manage all that data. herd unified data catalog is a centralized, auditable repository that tracks data and lineage. Teams then use herd cluster management and job orchestration to operationalize their data processing in the cloud.

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A Spark-based data comparison tool at scale which facilitates software development engineers to compare a plethora of pair combinations of possible data sources. Multiple execution modes in multiple environments enable the user to generate a diff report as a Java/Scala-friendly DataFrame or as a file for future use. Comes with out of the box SparkFactory and SparkCompare tools.

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Test your Hive scripts inside your favorite IDE with HiveQLUnit! Increase your developers productivity by testing on all operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Build continuous integration and delivery tests to control the releases of your big data products.

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JTAF Extended WebDriver

Extensions for WebDriver is an enhancement to the powerful WebDriver API, with robust features that keep your browser automation running smoothly. It includes a widget library, improved session management and extended functions over the existing WebDriver API.

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MSL (pronounced 'Missile') stands for Mock Service Layer. Our tools enable quick local deployment of your UI code on Node and mocking of your service layer for fast, targeted testing. With MSL, you can run your application locally using our MSL Server, and you can use one of our MSL Clients to interact with the server to set mock responses for your testing needs.

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yum-nginx-api is an easy front-end API for yum repositories running on the NGINX web server. It rapidly serves updates to Red Hat and CentOS and supports scaling. It is a deployable solution with Docker or any existing web server with WSGI support. yum-nginx-api enables CI tools to be used for managing and promoting yum repositories.

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ElasticD (Elastic Discovery) allows you to run industry standard technologies in cloud environments in a more efficient way. The idea is to have front ends communicate with backends by using only ip addresses. In cloud environments it is really not possible to rely on ip addresses since they may change all the time. However DNS resolution and lookups with these technologies are problematic. ElasticD aims to solve these problems.

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XCore is a framework to define and execute automated tests. It enables automation code development in Java, test script development in XML via domain specific language, and execution & reporting via JUnit.

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Jenkins Build Pipeline Plugin


FINRA regulates every brokerage firm and broker doing business with the U.S. public. We also monitor trading on the U.S. listed equities markets. FINRA believes in the power of innovation to further its mission of investor protection and market integrity. Through this site, our technologists would like to share their work and collaborate on innovative technology products with the open source community.