XCore is one of main packages of JTAF (Java Test Automation Framework). It is used by more than 90+ projects at FINRA for test automation across UI, SOAP based Web Services, REST APIs, Database Layer and more.

The legacy of XCore dates back to 2007. It was originally created by developers at FINRA to address the need to do test automation faster and cheaper. The first step towards this goal was to move away from licenced tools and build in-house open source tool. Another motivating factor was to leverage not just the technical experts but also application domain experts to define tests. Thus empowering the entire team to own quality of the application.
In addition to XCore, we have implemented a number of generic command packages to address each of the functional automation areas. These command packages can be termed as extensions to XCore. These extensions address automation of UI forms, Database layer, SOAP, REST and many more. We are planing to open source them soon.

Daniel Koo Project Lead

Daniel is one of the founders of JTAF, currently working as an Engineering Director at FINRA. He is a big fan of open source and loves making tools to make developers more productive!

Latha Nagaraj Lead Developer

Senior Developer on the team, who loves to design frameworks and a “go-to” person when projects are in trouble. Outside of work, you will find her hooked on to Bollywood flicks.

Bryan Robbins Developer

Bryan is a test automation and tools developer with undeniable academic roots, known to sing to himself while in the zone. He also speaks fluent lambda calculus.

Daniel Pulitano Developer

Daniel Pulitano is a Software Developer in Test, who enjoys learning about new technologies and tools and trying to make them better.

Michael Linford Developer

Mike, AKA "Linsanity", is a test automation developer. His hobbies include eating food, breathing, drinking water, and describing himself in uninteresting ways.

Jake Sheppard Developer

Jake is a Software Developer in Test currently focusing on automated testing. On weekends you can usually find him in front of the TV watching soccer.

Anju Koshy Developer

Anju is a Software Developer in Test, who aims to be an all-rounder in automation and performance testing.

Nishtha Agarwal Developer

Nishtha is a Software Developer in Test, and is eager to learn new tools and technologies. Currently trying her hands on Javascript Testing with MSL. A Nature-lover, she likes travelling to beautiful places.
Increased Coverage 

The FINRA developer community is actively supporting the JTAF project. FINRA has graciously allocated time for their internal development resources to enhance JTAF–and encourages participation in the open source community.


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