Fire away sooner and faster with MSL! MSL (pronounced 'Missile') stands for Mock Service Layer. Our tools enable quick local deployment of your UI code on Node and mocking of your service layer for fast, targeted testing.

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Made for Agile

You can start developing your tests early since MSL allows you to execute tests without the integrated server-side backend. Run your client-side code tests early and more frequently.

Test in Isolation

MSL allows you to test against the interface of your service layer. Test your client-side code and identify bugs in isolation without worrying about the complexities of server-side code and data.

Faster Execution

You can run your tests much faster and with more robustness since you can mock the service layer. You have full control of your test data and the application flow.

Multiple Bindings

MSL clients are written in popular languages such as JavaScript and Java. You can choose the language of your preference when writing your UI tests.

Multiple Frameworks

Use any testing frameworks supported by your preferred language. For example, you can use Jasmine or Mocha for tests written in JavaScript and JUnit or TestNG for tests written in Java.

Open Source

This project is developed and maintained by the Open Source community on GitHub. You can use MSL for free and easily extend it for your needs.