We developed MSL at FINRA to respond to the needs of Agile teams leveraging layered architectures such as MVC. MSL enabled project teams to develop tests early and execute tests faster to meet the demands of the business.

FINRA's dedication to innovation and search for continual improvement in the testing space led to the invention of MSL in 2013. After multiple success stories with numerous projects across the organization, it was time for us to open source this great tool and share this fantastic concept to the open source community. With the rapid increase in the richness and complexity of client-side code, we believe MSL adds tremendous value for teams looking to develop higher quality web applications.

MSL was first showcased to meetup groups in DC and New York in April 2014, where it was well-received by these test automation communities. We open-sourced MSL in July 2014.

Daniel Koo Project Lead

Daniel is an Engineering Director at FINRA and manages the Automation Practice across the organization. He has stepped on a piece of gum in 10 different countries.

Bryan Robbins Lead Developer

Bryan develops test automation tools (like MSL and JTAF) and client solutions using these tools at FINRA. Given enough gum, he can blow a bubble the size of his face.

Chien-Hung Kuo Developer

Chien-Hung is a Software Developer in Test at FINRA who specializes in test automation development. He can also turn gum wrap papers into small boats and planes.

Jacob Sheppard Developer

Jacob is a Software Developer in Test at FINRA where he focuses on the development of automated tests and tools. He has sampled over 8 different flavors of gum.
Increased Coverage 

The FINRA developer community is actively supporting the MSL project. FINRA has graciously allocated time for their internal development resources to enhance MSL and encourages participation in the open source community.


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