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Effective way to manage temporary access to AWS resources

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Get Temporary Access Instantly
Gatekeeper allows users to gain temporary access to EC2 and RDS resources instantly. Users receive their credentials securely upon approval of the request and the access is granted for a temporary period of time. This eliminates the need to add hard users on instances.
Fully Automated and Self-Serviced
Gatekeeper is a self-serviced web application allowing users to make requests without involving multiple teams. It is fully automated end-to-end and is built to work against a transient platform. Gatekeeper creates user accounts automatically and removes them automatically upon expiration.
Maximum Transparency, Auditability, and Compliance
Gatekeeper provides maximum transparency for access requests to EC2 and RDS resources. Development, Ops, Security, and Audit teams can all be informed on who made the requests and for which purposes. Gatekeeper provides a full trail of the access to the resources from start to finish.

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