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MLiy (pronounced “Emily”) is a machine learning platform that allows data scientists to provision and manage processing power in the cloud

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Self-Service Website
MLiy provides an easy-to-use self-service website that provides on-demand compute resources with the software data scientists need. Data Scientists can spend less time of getting the tools they need and more time learning about the data in front of them.
Flexible Hardware and Software
MLiy allows administrators to define sets of hardware and sets of software available to use for machine learning. This allows administrators to make the latest hardware and software available to the data scientist while also ensuring compliance with organizational policies.
Machine Learning to Analyze Data
MLiy allows data scientists to focus on using machine learning to analyze data to solve business problems without the limitions imposed by working on local desktops or laptops.
Custom Cost Reporting
MLiy provides reporting capabilities to track costs on a per-user and per-group basis. This allows enterprises the ability to track and manage costs from a single location.

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