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Managed data lake designed for the cloud.
Turnkey install. Petabyte scale.

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Search and Discover
End users use Herd-UI to locate and understand data in your data lake. Full-text search of all descriptive metadata ensures that users can quickly find data of interest for their analytical needs.
Interactive Query
SQL-based access to all data in the Herd catalog. A simple JDBC endpoint backed by a powerful Presto query cluster queries across petabytes of data and trillions of rows in seconds. And a native Hive Metastore interface is available for downstream
Ingest and Catalog
Ingest data into Herd-MDL with proven high-volume loader utilities or API-based integration. Register data with the Herd catalog to enable search/discovery and interactive query capabilities.
Herd and Herd-MDL are API-first products. Teams at FINRA have integrated custom data intake apps, ETL frameworks, EMR-based batch analytcis, and data science tools including a native Spark library that reads directly from the Herd catalog.

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