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Protect & manage your credentials, keys, certificates, and any other secrets in AWS

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Centralized service - Multiple apps, environments, accounts
Using Fidelius, you can manage secrets for all of the applications in your portfolio in a single place. You have the ability to manage secrets across different environments, SDLCs, AWS accounts, and regions. All of this with the right authorization for secure access. All secrets are also automatically backed up and replicated to a different location.
Auditability and traceability - Tracking, versioning, and history
With Fidelius, you have full audit trail of your secrets from start to finish. From creation to deletion, Fidelius tracks who did what on the secret and makes the information transparent. Every CRUD operation is a new version that’s tracked with timestamp.
Multiple interfaces - UI Web app, CLI, SDK
You can store/fetch secrets in Fidelius using an interface of your choice. Easy to use Web UI to quickly view, add, edit, and delete secrets. Automate using the simple CLI or SDKs. Whichever interface you choose, it is really easy to manage secrets in Fidelius.
Multiple AuthN/AuthZ mechanisms - Active Directory, IAM roles
Fidelius supports Active Directory based AuthN & AuthZ as well as AWS IAM role-based authorization. It is very easy to integrate with your existing identity management infrastructure.
Secrets encrypted-at-rest and in-transit
Fidelius protects all of your secrets securely both at-rest and in-transit with encryption. You can be rest assured that your secrets are protected throughout the entire lifecycle.

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