ExtWebDriver is one of the core packages of Java Test Automation Framework, created by number of developers at FINRA. It is a standard framework used by test automation projects across the organization.

ExtWebDriver was originally created in late 2007 with the invention of JTAF. The popular Selenium RC was adopted by a project to support web application testing, and a group of developers started to make extensions to make test automation development more efficient. Later, when WebDriver was introduced, the Selenium RC extension package was reengineered to leverage the newer WebDriver API and hence created Extensions for WebDriver.

ExtWebDriver project was maintained by developers at FINRA for 5 years and it became an open source project since December 2013.

Daniel Koo Project Lead

Daniel is one of the original creators of JTAF, currently working as an Engineering Director at FINRA. He can automate everything, even with his eyes closed.

Michael Glorioso Developer

Mike, the Glorious One aka "GO", is a jack-of-all-trades developer. Minimalist, obsessive, and creative, he enjoys rebuilding computers from scrap and teaching his kids to play minecraft.

Bryan Robbins Developer

Bryan is a test automation and tools developer with undeniable academic roots, known to sing to himself while in the zone. He also speaks fluent lambda calculus.

Stephen Mele Developer

Steve is a test automation developer currently exploring JavaScript API Testing and Web development. He enjoys playing golf when the weather is nice, watch out!

Michael Chao Developer

Mike is just another guy aiming to be the best... like no one ever was. To automate is his real test... to excellentize is his cause.

Latha Nagaraj Developer

Senior Developer on the team, who loves to design frameworks and a “go-to” person when projects are in trouble. Outside of work, you will find her hooked on to Bollywood flicks.
Increased Coverage 

The FINRA developer community is actively supporting the JTAF project. FINRA has graciously allocated time for their internal development resources to enhance JTAF–and encourages participation in the open source community.


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