ExtWebDriver contains a properties fetcher that allows for parameterization of any value. Files that GUIProperties reference will generally contain any locators such as CSSSelectors or XPaths.

   my.locatorkey.1 = //div[@id="eevee"]
   my.locatorkey.2 = {0}/input[@id="lightningStone"]
   my.locatorkey.3 = {0}/div/{1}

Below are a few examples on how to utilize the GUIProperties class.

  //Instantiate an object on the properties file which needs to be a resource of the project
  GUIProperties gp = new GUIProperties("my-xpaths.properties");

Get the value from properties file given the key:

  String example1 = gp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.1");
  //example1 = //div[@id="eevee"]

Get the value from properties file given a key and a parameter:

  String example2 = gp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.2", example1);
  //example2 = //div[@id="eevee"]/input[@id="lightningStone"]
  String example3 = gp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.2", "foobar");
  //example3 = foobar/input[@id="lightningStone"]

Get the value from properties file given multiple parameters:

  String example4 = gp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.3", example1, example2);
  //example4 = //div[@id="eevee"]/div//input[@id="lightningStone"]
  String example5 = gp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.3", "foo", "bar", "asdf");
  //example5 = foo/div/bar

Alongside the single file accessing GUIProperties class, there is a class that allows for multiple files to be searched for properties. You can achieve this by the GUIHierarchyConcatenationProperties class!

   my.locatorkey = //div[@id="jolteon"]
   my.locatorkey = //div[@id="flareon"]
   my.locatorkey.extra = //div[@id="vaporeon"]

Get the value from properties file given a key and a parameter:

  GUIHierarchyConcatenationProperties gcp = GUIHierarchyConcatenationProperties("file-1.properties","file-2.properties","file-3.properties");
  String val1 = gcp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey");
  //val1 = //div[@id="jolteon"]
  String val2 = gcp.getPropertyValue("my.locatorkey.extra");
  //val2 = //div[@id="vaporeon"]